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Who were the Norwegian Frontfighters? It is a standard question concerning this quite unknown subject. I will not try to answer whom they were. I note that a few thousands Norwegian men enlisted themselves in Waffen-SS and fought the Soviets. In Finland, in Soviet Russia, far away in the Caucasus and Balcans, in the end of war also in Berlin. Many came back a few times, although demobilized. About 1000 lost their lives.

In a fight against Bolshevizm?
In a fight for Germany?
In a fight for Nacional Socialism?
In a fight for the Pan-Germanic kingdom?
Or for Norway?

More interesting is how the frontfighters were interpretated. Norwegians are special and the Norwegian frontfighters were not different because they went to the front. For example when it concerns discipline. From time to time it was necessary to indulge “this also concerns Norwegians”. Foreword in a book “ I forreste linje”(In the frontline) by Svein Halse ( Dreyers Forlag, Trondheim 1970) gives an interesting and true characteristics of the Norwegian Frontfighter:

“Ola Nordmann in the field was most of all an undisciplined chap not a parade soilder. Reckless and careless but in possession of an amazing stubborness what after a time brought more and more difficulties. Berserk was still alive in him.When there was no way out, when the attack was getting stronger the berserk’s soul was waking up. That time was better to keep the distance. He could be commanded to attack and defence, but the order to redraw he rejected almost with hate. He would decide himself what was comfortable for him. Also his well developed sence of humour could put the discipline through an ordeal. His attitude to the alcohol I leave in silence”.

The same book tells about Russian soilders that were taken prisoner and could raport that the order “of the attempt of the breakthrought under the line of fire around Leningrad could take place in a part of the front, where there were no Norwegians”.

“Here on the edge of a grave have one or other crazy commandant insisted at regulations would be followed at the line. Posters were post up everywhere, so there was no doubt. They were fresh and printed. It is requested that all uniformed sections follow the regulations. Gassmasks’ boxes are also a part of the uniform. Likwise guarding discipline and saluting duty should be fulfiled. This concerns all sections, and completly down the page it was printed in big letters



(Quotation from „I forreste linje“ Svein Halse p. 295)